Anne’s Orchard Clutch Update

annes orchard clutch update - almost finished the leaves
A quick update on this (very slow moving) clutch project! Pretty in blue and white, but not much to show!

A quick look at the 'Anne's Orchard' clutch project

I’m sorry I missed the last check-in (and I think I’ve got the date right this time!). What with issues of not being able to post anything without the whole thing having a fit, I just completely forgot in my frustrations with technology!

Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say!

There is still not a lot of progress on this piece I’m afraid! Like I mentioned last time, this is a piece I just can’t ‘get into’, despite really wanting to. It is such a pretty piece, and I would dearly love for it to be finished! Unfortunatley, this doesn’t appear to be enough to get it moving.

And here it is, just incase you’d forgotten what it looked like! There has been a bit more progress made since this was taken, but nothing particularly noticeable.

I’m not sure I’ll get much of a chance in the next three weeks to work on it either, as I’ve got quite a few other projects to work on. And I decided to join the local Embroiderer’s Guild (now I have one). And they have a ‘competion’ coming up reasonably soonish (especially given how long it takes for me to complete a piece!). I’m not completely sure I’ll actually have something to submit, but it would be nice to partake just to make up the numbers regardless!

annes orchard clutch update - almost finished the leaves

It's time to join the others!

I have a lot of catching up to do, so I dare say everyone has come along in leaps and bounds with their projects, so don’t forget to stop by and have a look at everyone’s beautiful work. 

This is a stitch-a-long (SAL) run with a bit of a difference, as we all work on different projects. If you are interested in joining, please contact Avis for all the details.

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17 thoughts on “Anne’s Orchard Clutch Update”

    1. I’m just aiming for the end of the year with this piece! You’ve got lots on at the moment, and I’m sure you have made more progress than you thought!

  1. Catherine, I hear you about motivation on projects that you just want to finish….how about you finish the three leaf sections I can see on your hoop for next time? That would have that whole section done except for what I think are going to be French knots? 🙂 A competition piece sounds fun, do you have anything in mind?

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that suffers a little on the motivation of projects! I do like the idea of just finishing a little section. Before long, it would be finished!
      For the competition piece, the theme is ‘Sensations’, which is quite broad! So I was thinking of a circus theme, as circuses have lots of ‘sensations’. I just can’t quite get it right in my head!

  2. It’s so pretty, I know what you mean about pieces you just want to get finished, I feel like that about the Down the Rabbit Hole quilt, I almost feel like just concentrating on just that for a month…but then I’ll be behind on everything else!

    1. I certainly hope it looks ok when done! It’s always interesting when you have such long term projects and your stitching changes during that time!

  3. I just love how you embellish this — makes me think about using some of the leftover wool to embellish the pretty wool tidy bags that come with the Beth Russell Needlepoint kits… when I get through a few more UFOs in my stash, that is!

    1. This type of piece does open your eyes to the number of options out there for embroidery, doesn’t it? I love your idea, though by finishing UFOs you would just create more!

  4. It’s been a while since I last checked in, so if it helps… It looks like you’ve made heaps of progress! It’s coming together beautifully.

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