Last night was another Friday night stitch in – an initiative and link up party hosted by Sugarlane Designs. But if I’m honest, I would in all likelihood be stitching away anyway! And now that I am back into the rhythm of stitching, I am eager to finish of the red fox! I was hoping to get his eye all finished, but alas, I had troubles before then!

This is by far the most difficult piece of silk shading I have ever attempted, and I am struggling somewhat with the rather large changes in direction of the fox’s fur around his neck. I can see in my head what it should look like, but this is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be! And I was worrying about his eye! At the moment that is the least of my worries, but of course that could change at any point in time.

The first of these parts at the base of his neck was a little difficult, but I managed to get it to a point where I was reasonably happy with it.


The second of these sections however was a tad more difficult! I’m still not convinced it is right, but I will move on, and if necessary, back track at that point when I realise it is just not going to work!


Stitching the underside of his chin was actually a  lot easier than I thought it would be, and it worked up quite quickly! The main point here was to get the stitch direction correct, which meant the stitches were worked close together at the base, and further apart at the top, as they have quite a slope on them. However as the subsequent rows were worked in, the gaps were filled in nicely.

And that was all the progress for my evening! This is slow work, especially when I unstitch more than I stitch, but I am getting closer, and I am hoping, nearing the end of those difficult changes in direction!

a Friday night of stitching.jpg

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