Mummy sheep is almost finished!

Slow progress is still progress! And Mummy Sheep is now almost done! Well, the French knots are anyway!

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Mounting the Jacobean Crewelwork Piece – Part One

I’m part way through mounting my Jacobean crewelwork piece as part of the RSN Certificate. It hasn’t all be smooth sailing, but I’m glad for it!

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A Handsome Fox has arrived 

At last! The red fox is finished! This was the trickiest silk shading piece I have ever attempted, and I am quite chuffed with the result!

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Hello, and welcome to my little space on the internet!

I’m Catherine, a 30 something finance professional by day, a wife to an amazing husband, a Mum to our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and to top it all off, an avid and passionate embroiderer. Both myself and my hubby are Australians, living in Kent in the UK, and absolutely loving it!

Hillview Embroidery Latest Posts

Step by Step – Bullion Knots

Embroiderers sometimes have a love or hate relationship with bullion knots. In this quick tutorial and video I show you how I work them to get consistent results!

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