Nicola Jarvis’ Crewelwork Robin

I've had three of Nicola Jarvis' crewelwork bird kits for some time now, and I finally decided I had the confidence (and time!) to stitch one up! Find out more about the crewelwork Robin, along with a review of the kit. And your chance to join me as I...

RSN Certificate – A look back and reflections

A wrap up of my time completing the RSN Certificate. A bit of a walk back in time, my thoughts on the techniques, and what I’ve learnt!

RSN Basic Goldwork – Assessment and Comments

My final RSN Certificate piece has now been assessed! Find out what the assessors thought of my ‘very gold’ koala, worked for my Basic Goldwork piece.

Hello, and welcome to Hillview Embroidery

Teaching and learning, one stitch at a time

I’m Catherine, a finance professional by day, a wife to an amazing husband, a Mum to our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and to top it all off, an avid and passionate embroiderer. Having completed my RSN Certificate, I’m excited to be able to explore, learn, teach and share the joys of hand embroidery with you.

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It’s Christmas Time!

It’s Christmas time! And for this check-in with the three-weekly SAL, I’ve decided to show you what I have been stitching – Christmas decorations! As usual, they aren’t finished yet, but my ‘Christmas postcards’ have been fun to design and stitch up.

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