Online Tuition

Learning in the comfort of your home

Whilst I currently don’t offer any online classes, I am happy to announce I am now able to offer online personal, one-on-one tuition. 

This service will enable me to pass on my knowledge to you, despite the distance that is between us!

How will it work?

Online tutoring will be a highly customised, and personalised offering. 

We will firstly chat about what you would like to achieve, and your current skill level. 

I will then draw up a personalised learning plan for you. Once we are both happy, we will commence!

Each ‘class’ will run for a period of four weeks. We will then map out our next class if you would like to continue learning online.

Learning online

Once we are ready to start, we will agree on a weekly time that is convienent to both, where we can video call and have a more personalised chat.

All other tuition will be via email. I will respond to your emails withing 24 hours (preferably sooner), to ensure you aren’t left wondering ‘what next’, or ‘oh no!’. 

Tuition Charges

Online tuition

The cost of this will be AUD25 per week, for a minimum of four weeks.

What these charges include

The above charges are for my tuition in your preferred setting.

Material costs are in addition to these costs. I am more than happy to provide these to you and will work with you to ensure you achieve the desired outcome.

Online Group Classes

If you and some friends or family would like to learn online as a group, please contact me so we can discuss this in more detail.

Contact Catherine for more information and to book!

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