What is Canvaswork?

Canvaswork is a counted thread technique worked on 18 count canvas. Using a variety of threads and stitches, an embroider is free to interpret their design using a wide variety of textures to convey their chosen message or create their chosen art.

Stitches used

There is a multitude of stitches used, and only specialists in the technique will ever get close to knowing all the stitches! I have found embroiderers seem to have their ‘favourite’ stitches, which they will use frequently. It’s just that that list will change from embroiderer to embroiderer!

Canvas shading

Another type of canvaswork is ‘canvas shading’. Using tent stitch for your design, and only crewel wool, a design comes to life using beautiful and exact shading.

I’ve not tried this technique before, but I wish to stitch a piece, as I think it will greatly improve my understanding of colour!

Some Projects Worked in Canvaswork

Some images of ‘Canvaswork’

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