Goldwork and Metallic work

What is goldwork?

Goldwork and metallic work (the same ideas, but using threads that aren’t gold!), is an ancient, and luxurious, technique using gold threads to embellish, or create entirely, a design. 

There is a range of techniques within goldwork, where we could further refine our definition, into techniques like ‘or nue’. 

The materials used are more expensive than in other techniques. Each material, or thread, tends to have a specific way of being used. But of course, all rules are there to be broken! Along with having a set of ‘rules’ to follow in how to use the individual materials, they are also more fragile than our silk and cotton threads. So extra care needs to be taken when working, and storing, your piece.


Some Projects Worked in Goldwork

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Some images of ‘GoldWork’

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