A Holiday Project

I’m so excited! After two and a half years I’m heading home for a holiday to see my family. It is much expanded since we moved to the UK, with both my siblings expanding their families!

I’m not sure how much time I will have for stitching in between playing with nieces and nephews, doing ‘fancy’ hair styles for a three year old and general family and friends catching up, but it doesn’t matter what the holiday is, I always like to have something packed away for quiet relaxing times. Even if it never comes out, I feel so much better knowing it is there!

I wanted something that would be easy to pick up and put down at short notice. Nothing complicated, something with easy stitches, that I can really relax with.

When I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace earlier this year, I came across the ‘perfect’ project for just this purpose! It is a white work clutch by Ann’s Orchard. She has the clutch in three colours – red, green and blue, of which I chose the blue. The stitching and design is where the white work comes in.

clutch box 1.jpg

One of the great things about this project is that it is really up to you the stitcher just how you approach the design. It is called a white work design, and the kit comes with a good amount of white stranded cotton. However, if you choose, you can also add other colours,  as were in the display at the show in one of the stitched samples. The blue fabric is printed white with the design (as are all the colours), so you can do as much or as little stitching as you want to. A lovely flexible kit!

I have decided to mix up my thread colours, and have chosen some muted pastel blues to compliment the design. I’m not entirely sure just at this point how I will use these colours on the design along with the white thread, so watch this space! There are also some lovely beads included in the kit to add to the clutch to give it some sparkle. I think it will look lovely when it’s all stitched and made up!

fabric and threads 1


The kit is beautifully presented, I almost didn’t want to open it for fear of ruining it! The colour box matches the fabric, and on opening the box you are greeted with a lovely neat package just waiting to be made into something beautiful. The other advantage of this style of packaging for my trip is I can pop my scissors and spare needles into the box, everything neatly together in one spot. The only thing that won’t fit is the hoop, but that’s easy enough to add to the suitcase!

inside the box.jpg

Now I just need to find some time to start stitching around playing with little ones!

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