Anne’s Orchard Clutch – and almost halfway!

Almost halfway....

Well, things are still progressing slowly, very slowly, on this piece! But I’m glad to report that I am almost at the half way mark! It is all getting a little boring isn’t it, I need to just get on with it!

A couple of extra branches have been completed (I really should have been able to finish them!). And then it is just the contemplation of how to finish the two really large branches that reach across the design. 

After taking it out of the hoop and having a look at the whole thing, I really do like the little bit of sparkle. So maybe that will finish it off nicely!

And those two grey leaves still bother me – I think they will definately need to be changed to white ones!

I seem to be changing the way I have stitched the same elements as I go on too. At this stage I’m not too worried about it, but I will need to decide long term what I really think about it.

Apologies for the number of creases in the fabric – you can certainly see where I have been moving the hoop around!

20 thoughts on “Anne’s Orchard Clutch – and almost halfway!”

    1. Thanks, Daisy! It is a fabric that was designed by ‘Anne’s Orchard’. She does mostly beaded work, but I really loved this more embroidered piece. The idea is that you stitch it in whatever way you would like, with as much or as little embellishment as you like. So a little bit of my design, and a little of someone elses!

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I can’t wait to see yours – you will no doubt do a lot better than I have! I think I need to stop picking up projects I started years ago as I get so frustrated in the changes to my stitching! It is fun working out what stitches to put where. And then, of course, working out what my ‘made up’ stitches are so I can replicate! I look forward to seeing yours!

  1. Regarding the way you’ve changed your stitching of some of the elements – you could either see it as evidence of how your style has developed, or simply say that you are “adding interest”!

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