I’m afraid the progress I made on the fox after Friday night wasn’t as much as I had hoped for. I was out for a lot of Saturday and didn’t move from bed much on Sunday! I’m still not sure what it is, but my darling husband tells me I still don’t look great today! At least he’s honest. And he did all the weekend chores, so I’m not complaining!

But in the small amount of stitching I did get done, I started work on his eye. And it wasn’t that bad! I think I’ve over done the left hand side of it, but until I get the pupil in (not sure why it doesn’t go in just yet), it will be a little hard to tell.

There was quite a bit of ‘little’ stitching involved. What does that mean you ask?! I mean tiny split stitches to outline the area before satin stitching in the eye. And then, once that is complete, another row is completed on the top of the eye. Why do this? By placing the split stitches in before you satin stitch the area, you are not only giving yourself a border, and creating a neater edge of the satin stitch, you are also raising the edge just slightly. So by placing these stitches above the eye, and stitching the fur over it, his eye should look a little more dimensional. In theory! I will see what happens in reality.

Split stitch to give dimension

A split stitch edge is also worked above the stitches on his jaw. Again, this is to add dimension to him.

One thing I will say is that I can’t stitch these little stitches for long! They are so small it is a little hard on my eyes. Although, like everything, practice does pay off as I am getting better at sticking to it for longer periods of time.

So not a lot to report on I’m afraid! I’m starting to get so close to finishing that I’m going to miss him! He has been enjoyable and challenging to work, and I’m definitely learning a lot!

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