May IHSW part one update

This is my second month of participating in IHSW run by Random Ramblings, and there are two weekends planned this month!

This will be a quick post, as I’ve already shared most of my weekend stitching achievements!

I spent a bit of time finishing off the crewel work piece from the day class I took at the RSN. I really do love it’s happy feel!

I’m not sure my other achievement is an achievement at all! I had worked some more of the red fox a couple of weeks ago, and wasn’t particularly happy with the last row of stitching – the direction lines were just wrong. I sent it off to Tanja to critique, and she thought I could work with it, but when I looked at it again I decided I couldn’t. So out it came.

first attempt at row 5

I re-stitched the row again, and I’m much happier with it, though I’m still not convinced  I’ve got it right. I will work with it this time, and see what it looks like after the next few rows.

better row 5 completed

And that was my weekend of stitching away! I’m hoping this coming weekend will be quite productive too. I’m hoping to sit with Pride and Prejudice whilst stitching away French knots on the sheep (surely about five hours will result in some headway!), and our Coffee Cake and Craft group are meeting up again on Saturday. Not sure if I’ll be able to handle more French knots or if I will take along the fox just yet.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable ‘hermitting’ weekend. Time to check out what everyone else was busy with!

4 thoughts on “May IHSW part one update”

  1. Your stitching is beautiful. Once the entire picture is finished, you will love it.
    Kathleen Mary

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