I have finally completely finished mounting my RSN Jacobean piece! After the little complications getting to the almost completed stage, this final part was a welcome relief!

Thankfully, after all the problems with the mount board, and the extra time the fabric had to relax into its new position, the fabric seemed to think behaving itself was a good idea. After sitting for nearly two weeks after the herringbone stitch was completed, it didn’t relax any further, which meant no lacing was required. As strange as it is, I was actually almost wanting to lace it so I could see how the experts do it! I’m sure that will come in due course.

So all that remained was to ‘back’ the piece with a cotton sateen fabric. And there wasn’t a lot of messing around with this! A piece of the fabric was cut, with again a large ‘hem’ – I would say about 15cm, all the way around the board. The fabric is then folded into position, and with only a few pins, held in place. The corners are not mitred or anything, they are simply folded under.

Attaching backing fabric to a mounted piece of embroidery. For all the steps head over to Hillview Embroidery!

A slip stitch, using the same technique of going back on the previous stitch before moving ahead to make the stitch ‘disappear’, is used to join the backing fabric to the linen. The thread is pulled very tightly (I actually had fears of ripping the fabric I was pulling it so tightly, but that thankfully didn’t happen!).

This was surprisingly quick to work – there was no glue or thick layers of fabric to negotiate! You also use one length of thread the entire way around to minimise the starting and finishing (within reason – if it was an enormous piece, I’m sure multiple thread lengths could be used!).

Completed backing of a piece of embroidery on mount board. For all of the steps head over to Hillview Embroidery!

The front (thankfully!), looks just the same as the last photo of after the herringbone stitch I’m afraid, I promise it is a new one!

Jacobean crewelwork completed as part of the RSN Certificate in Hand Embroidery. Designed and stitched by Catherine of Hillview Embroidery

Mounting is apparently an area where a lot of marks are deducted. I think I have too many pin marks around the edge of the fabric, the sateen has a few pin marks, and not all of my stitches are exactly the same size when attaching the sateen to the linen. The board is still ever so slightly warped as well. I’m sure there are other things, perhaps I didn’t quite follow the grain line all the way around the piece, and a few things I haven’t thought of! And that’s before they even look at the stitching and design!

So at length, I will be handing it in for assessment! The next assessment period isn’t until Easter when I will have forgotten all these details, and will be reminded of them and more when I read the assessor notes. But for now, it is fingers crossed.

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