It’s time for my three weekly ‘check in’ with the piece I am working as part of the SAL organised by Avis. And I’m happy to say this regular accountability check is doing wonders for the progress of this piece!

The last time we saw this piece I had made quite some progress on Mummy sheep, but she was still lacking some wool!


Now, thanks mainly to my stitching girls catch up, Mummy sheep has a full coat of wool! I can still see the problems with it I’ve told you about before, but they aren’t going anywhere, and I’m not going to undo it and start again, so it is what it is! Maybe once the baby sheep and some flowers, bees and grass are in it won’t be so obvious.

French knots are a great way to give the impression of sheep's wool. Here, they are being worked to make a small family of sheep on a baby blanket! Look at the result over at Hillview Embroidery!

You will also notice that I’ve branched out and popped in legs in something other than French Knots! I decided on chain stitch for them and I think that was probably not a bad decision. I haven’t completely decided on how to stitch the facial features. I am currently thinking of satin stitch for eyes, and stem stitch for the mouth. And I should probably also pop a nose in!

So next up, the baby sheep! I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how quickly this moves along if I just stitch a little at a time.

Do make sure you head over to everyone else’s blogs to see what they have been up to as well! There are some beautiful pieces to look at!

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