Review: M.R.S. Embroidery Trestles

the perfect addition to your stitching space - a set of MRS embroidery trestles! Read my full review at now!
When stitching with a slate frame, a set of trestles makes life a lot easier! I'm lucky enough to have my own pair of M.R.S. Embroidery's beautiful trestles.

Why use trestles?

For anyone who has stitched with a slate frame, you will understand the ‘difficulties’ that can be posed if you don’t have something to help you balance it. 

There are a few home made options out there that work well, but there is something ‘special’ about a set of trestle for home! And as I don’t have a handy hubby to make a set, I decided to buy some as a treat. And it really makes my new home feel like I have a ‘proper’ stitching area!

Whilst not a ‘cheap’ option (though cheaper than some), they are well worth the investment if you plan on stitching for many happy years to come on a set of trestles! 

M.R.S. Embroidery Trestles - handmade with love

There are a couple of options for purchasing a set of trestles. Probably not surprisingly, not a large list of suppliers exist! But after a look through the options, I decided for a set of Magda’s, from M.R.S. Embroidery Trestles.

What was the appeal?

What appealed to me about these trestles, is that each one is made by hand. And there is a lot of thought and preparation that goes into them! And, any time I can support a small business, I think that is a positive to take into consideration! 

The other appealing feature was the removable feet! What an ingenious thought and design! So not only can you store them away more easily if needed, but imagine how much easier it will be to transport ‘flat’ items, rather than another ‘oddly shaped’ item!

Made to order, great communication

Throughout the whole process, Magda was fantastic at communicating and answering all my questions! 

I initially contacted her a year ago, and for a variety of reasons didn’t place my order. But she went to the effort of giving me an estimate of shipping, so I had the full picture when I did finally decide to purchase them. 

Once you have paid your invoice, your trestles are made. And Magda will give you a time frame for when they will be completed, with the courier, and then (hopefully), with you! 

I was lucky, as mine were finished a few days earlier than first predicted, and about six weeks after placing my order, my trestles were on my doorstep!

Beautiful wood, well finished, and well packaged for the journey!

The trestles are beautifully made using beech wood, and well finished with a lovely varnish

They were well wrapped up with lots of protection for their journey across the seas – lots of bubble wrap! It took a while to ‘discover’ my new trestles hiding underneath all that wrapping!

And easy to put together! I think it took longer to unwrap them than it did to put the feet on and have a standing set of trestles! My bigger problem was that I started this process late on a Sunday evening and couldn’t start stitching on them straight away!

well packaged set of mrs embroidery trestles

Using the trestles

The trestles are larger than what those of us who have done any stitching at the RSN  would be used to. 

I found that my smaller slate frame needs to be rested a little differently than I was used to. The larger frames fit perfectly. And I imaging if you needed a huge frame to do some enormous work, they would be perfect! 

As the trestle are that little bit larger, they are very sturdy and you can work comfortably on them without any worry of anything ‘going wrong’.

The perfect addition to my new stitching space!

I am so pleased I have these in my stitching room! They were well worth the purchase, and I will be using them for a long time into the future!

the perfect addition to your stitching space - a set of MRS embroidery trestles!

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  1. They do look very substantial and well made – luckily my other half is very handy and so made mine as they are quite an investment. Love your sewing space and the display of all your work, Catherine.

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