Step by Step Instructionals

One of my objectives of completing the RSN Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery is to share with you some of the things I have learnt.

Here you will find step by step instructions, and sometimes videos, of some of the stitches I have learnt how to stitch.

If there is any stitch I have mentioned, or that you are just curious about, do let me know, and I will pop it up as soon as I can!

The Stitch Directory

Whipped Back Stitch

French knots

Bullion Knots

Do you have a specific stitch or technique you would like more information on?

Get in touch with me and let me know! I will get back to you with some information and it will serve as a good prompt to get a post up about it!

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Catherine of Hillview Embroidery

A Little About Me

I'm Catherine of Hillview Embroidery. I'm a passionate embroiderer who has been stitching on and off for about thirty years (oh my!).

A couple of years ago I started taking my embroidery seriously, and I started the RSN's Certificate in Hand Embroidery. I've now completed the Certificate, and am planning on commencing the Diploma once the logistics of 'commuting' from Australia are worked out. I love to share with you the ups and downs, my experience of studying the course, and also some of the more technical elements of hand embroidery, so we can all grow together.

You can read more about my story, and I do hope to have you join along on my journey.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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