RSN Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery

The RSN Certificate in Hand Embroidery is a well regarded certificate in hand embroidery around the world. Join me as I venture on this journey to improve my hand embroidery. This will be a challenging, but rewarding experience.

Not only am I hoping to improve my stitching through this process, but I’m also hoping to be able to share with you what I have learnt! I will periodically be sharing with you specific tips and tricks on techniques and specific stitches here with you.

I hope you enjoy joining me on this journey!

Some useful information and my views on the Certificate

If you are interested in the RSN Certificate, I have written a post (which will be updated as required), that answers some of the more common questions about the Certificate. And if you have more questions, do make sure you ask!

You can find this information in this post here.

My Pieces completed

For all the details on my modules I’ve completed or am working through, click the following links for all the details:

Jacobean Crewelwork


Silk Shading

Completed piece of Jacobean Crewelwork for the RSN Certificate
RSN Certificate canvas work piece mounted

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