RSN Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery

The RSN Certificate in Hand Embroidery is a well regarded certificate in hand embroidery from the prestigious English traditional hand embroidery school. I have recently completed the Certificate course with Merit, and will be working towards the Diploma as soon as I work out the commute from Australia!

My stitching has improved greatly as a result of completing the Certificate, and I hope to continue to improve it through my own private study and, in due course, through the Diploma.

I will be sharing with you specific tips and tricks on techniques and specific stitches here with you. I am also available to teach you in person some of the things I have learnt, have a bit of fun, or make you something special with the skills I now have.

Some useful information and my views on the Certificate

If you are interested in the RSN Certificate, and would like to know more, do make sure you get in touch!

I’ve also prepared an ‘FAQ’ if you will, of some of the more common questions that pop up. Do make sure you check it out, and if you have any other questions, please ask! I love to help you and answer as many questions as you have before you decide if this is for you or not.

One article you may find useful is the ‘wrap up’ article with a summary of my pieces completed. You can see where I started, and how doing this course has improved my stitching along the way. I also give you my honest views of doing the Certificate!

My Pieces

For all the details on my various pieces completed for the Certificate, click the following links for all the details:

Jacobean Crewelwork


Silk Shading


Do you have any other questions?

Get in touch by either commenting on any post, or completing the below form. I’m more than happy to give you more information on my experiences and how they could prepare you for your studies, or just answer your general questions!

A Little About Me

I’m Catherine of Hillview Embroidery. I’m a passionate embroiderer who has been stitching on and off for about thirty years (oh my!).

A couple of years ago I started taking my embroidery seriously, and I started the RSN’s Certificate in Hand Embroidery. I’ve now completed the Certificate, and love to share with you my journey of stitching – sharing and teaching each step of the way.

You can read more about my story, and I do hope to have you join alongon my journey.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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