RSN Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery

The RSN Certificate in Hand Embroidery is a well regarded certificate in hand embroidery around the world.Join me as I venture on this journey to improve my hand embroidery!

The modules I need to complete are Jacobean Crewelwork, Canvaswork, Silk Shading and Goldwork.

Each module is assigned eight classes. Within these eight classes, the process from designing, stitching and mounting the piece should be completed. Although from speaking with other students this is usually not enough to complete the piece!

This will be a challenging, but hopefully, rewarding experience! I’ve never attempted Canvaswork or Goldwork, so some real challenges will be met  as I not only need to learn the technique from no knowledge, but also design, and perform the technique to a high standard.

Not only am I hoping to improve my stitching through this process, but I’m also hoping to be able to share with you what I have learnt! I will periodically be sharing with you specific tips and tricks on techniques and specific stitches here with you.

I hope you enjoy joining me on this journey!

Jacobean crewelwork completed as part of the RSN Certificate in Hand Embroidery. Designed and stitched by Catherine of Hillview Embroidery Rhodes stitch worked with a variety of different thread colours to achieve an interesting and textural finish

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