Sunday Stitches and Musings

We woke up to the first snow of the season – and for Aussie’s living somewhere that occasionally gets snow, this is very exciting! We tend to turn into young children! The perfect day for lounging around inside, snuggling up in the warmth, gazing outside at the beautiful serenity even a small dump brings, and hopefully, a few stitches being added along the way!

a fresh dusting of snow.jpg

After our little run around outside in the snow, and our little furry friend having a bit of fun in this very curious white, fluffy, soft stuff (he’s an Aussie too), we have bunkered in for most of the day, with an exception of a walk to the pub and a sneaky glass of Sunday afternoon wine! We had an added complication of our neighbour’s cat calling on us and visiting us while his humans were out, which provided some entertainment, as dog ‘likes’ cat, but cat definitely does NOT like dog! And, I kept ‘losing’ the poor cat, as he hid under the furniture!  My husband took our little one out for a walk whilst I looked after the cat, however I really couldn’t do much except make sure I knew where he was hiding, as it was a different (although warm), place for him! They really do keep us busy and entertained don’t they?

investigating snow.jpg

I haven’t actually completed that many stitches today, however I have been doing a lot of musing and thinking – something that will undoubtedly end in yet another start on something! One thing I have been musing on, and that I really do need to get started on, is a new baby blanket for my brother and his wife, who is due at the end of February. Thank goodness a blanket in February isn’t a necessity in Australia! After playing around with a few design ideas in my mind, I have finally settled on how I want the lambs positioned, how many, and the other little finishing touches like grass. So now I just have to get drawing and stitching. It’s a good thing I have all the supplies on hand!

Whilst relaxing and staring out at the serenity of the morning, I also spent some time looking through a cute little book that arrived on Friday (so much better than bills!). It is ‘Pipsqueaks Itsy-Bitsy Felt Creations to Stitch & Love’, by Sally Dixon. This is potentially one of the cutest books I own! Just the front cover melts my heart. I really want to make these elephants! I’m just not sure I’m a good enough stitcher, and I find felt very fiddly, it moves all over the place! Sally has broken the book down into sections, with a ‘somewhat pipsqueak’ section to start, which I am tempted to make the little purse from and get an understanding of how to make little things in felt. It’s a really cute little purse, and I think would make a lovely gift for a little girl.

All in all, a lovely, relaxing Sunday, made a little more special by the splash of white we woke up to. A perfect way to start the week!

How about you? Do you spend some time once a week just musing and thinking? However you’ve spent the day, I hope you’ve been able to relax and enjoy the day.


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