Sunday Stitches – slow progress!

It hasn’t been a great week for me I’m afraid! I’ve felt less than well all week, with the exhaustion really taking a hold and at times being quite debilitating. But enough self pity! Despite this, there has been slow, and small progress on some of my projects.

First up, I thought I would show you the progress on my clutch purse. It has been a while since you have seen this one! Sadly, not much progress, however it is the piece I do pick up most frequently, even if it’s just for a few minutes in the evening. It sits close to the couch in our living room, along with all the nick-nacks and sewing bits and bobs, so it is easy to pick up! The consensus on the topic of which thickness branch looks best was that the thicker one looked better. Now, because I clearly enjoy the process of ‘unstitching’, I thought I would add a third style into the mix, and do one row of stem stitch, but with two strands rather than one! I actually really like the effect of this one! Now I am in a dilemma! I have decided the thinnest one needs to come out, but do I go with one strand and two rows, or two strands and one row?! Unfortunately each time I look at it I change my mind, however I am currently leaning towards the two strand theory. What do you think? I value your opinions!

progess update 21 Feb.jpg

Since the last time we looked at this, I have also added in chain stitched for the long stem on the flower, and I was thankfully happy with the way this turned out! For one of the other leaf motives, I first back stitched around the white design area (I was sceptical at this point in the process!), and the with a metallic thread, I whipped around the back stitched, and created a bit of a ‘web’ on the leaves. I was actually surprised at how well it turned out! When it was at the back stitch phase, I had visions of unpicking it all and choosing something different.

first whipped backstitch leaf

I have just started on the flower petals. I am using blanket stitch for the petals, and so far so good!

starting the first flower.jpg

And on my slightly more ‘urgent’ project of the baby blanket (baby is due next week!!!), I have put in a grand total of about half an hour, which has left me with a very odd looking ‘thing’ (not a sheep just yet!). I used fusible web on the felt, which made stitching the felt onto the background nice and straight forward, and I am currently playing around with the colours I have chosen, as well as the number of wraps for each knot. I have decided on using three strands of the Gloriana wool, and anywhere from two to four wraps at this stage. I will also start blending the different colours in the needle soon. So all a bit of fun, I just need to get moving with it! I am loving the feel of this woollen thread – so soft and luxurious, a real treat to stitch with!

I hope everyone has had a pleasant week, and has a wonderful week coming up! I’d love to know what you think of the small progress I have made on the purse!

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