The second ‘hermitting’ weekend of the month! We were spoilt this month weren’t we?!

It coincided quite well for me, as we also had our second ‘Coffee Cake and Craft’ morning on Saturday, so whilst I was ‘hermitting’ with all you lovely stitchers around the world, it was done with a little bit of company too.

IHSW Hermie

Most of the progress over the weekend was made on a new project (yes, another one!!). This is another online course I have decided to do with Tanja Berlin. This is her more introductory silk shading course, with the design a beautiful purple pansy. I decided to this time round try the prick and pounce method of design transfer. The design looked ‘simple’ enough that I wouldn’t get too confused with all the dots!

I did learn a couple of things about the prick and pounce method this time round that I didn’t realise previously. Firstly, Tanja noted that whilst for small and non-complex designs like this one, you can quite successfully transfer the design without the fabric being taut in the hoop. For more complex designs, she mentioned that it is a lot easier to have the fabric all set up in the hoop or frame and nice and taut before pouncing the design onto the fabric. This apparently helps to stop it from moving slightly, and hence producing blurry or incorrect markings. I also learnt that this is about as large a design that I can successfully ‘prick’ in one sitting. Even with this size, my ability to prick the design accurately and with evenly spaced marks was struggling towards the end. The beginning was much better! So it might be a case of practice, and taking short breaks.

Compared to the red fox, this was a lovely easy stitching activity (and just what I needed as I wasn’t feeling all that on top of things!). Firstly, rows of stem stitch were stitched for the stem of the flower. Tanja has said I should add an extra row on the right so my leaf isn’t hanging mid air! Very wise advice. Carrying on from my crewel work class at the RSN, I tried to keep the stitches as even as possible. I felt I was much more successful with this in the cotton thread than I was with the wool. I was reasonably happy with the end result.

And to finish off the lesson, a split stitch was worked around the leaves. I was worried I had made my stitches too long, but Tanja assures me that is crazy talk, and mine are considerably shorter than hers! So I don’t need to be quite that tiny which is reassuring as I find it difficult to be consistent with such small stitches.

lesson one complete

I also did a bit more work on the fox – but more on him later.

I hope you all had enjoyable weekends and were able to spend some time relaxing with your stitching.

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