Monthly wrap up and July plans

You have probably already guessed this, but I didn’t get a whole lot of stitching done during June for one reason or another. With buying a car and planning a holiday, it has been a busy month doing ‘research’ for these things, and combined with a busy period at work, I have been left exhausted and drained, with very little time or energy for stitching. But, summer holidays have now started (although the weather could do with a reminder that it is summer not autumn!).

The red fox still needs his head to be stitched in. To be honest I think the major problem with this is I am actually scared of stitching his head! The stitch direction takes on some rather large changes in a short space of time. I am now a little more comfortable with this and have developed my own way if dealing with this. But I’m also worried I’m going to end up with a really mean looking fox! The online class finished last weekend, but Tanja will still offer her support and advice via email so all is not lost!

Next up is the other online course I’m doing with Tanja – the purple pansy. I’ve also not done much on this, and have half a leaf stitched! I’m actually wishing I had done this course before doing the Trevelyon Cap, the tips and tricks Tanja has would come in handy with all of those leaves! So next time I take out the Trevelyon Cap, I will take a close look at what I’ve already done and make a decision on if I should re-stitch them or not. I’m really enjoying working this project, what little I have done on it! I find it a much more relaxing project than the fox. I’m joining my ‘crafty ladies‘ this afternoon and I think this will be the perfect piece to take along.

It’s hard to believe we are already in July, and over half way through the year! I really don’t know what happened to the first half of this year. July will also be a quiet month stitching wise for me, as we will be travelling for over half of it.  I will take the clutch along with me for any odd quiet moments that present themselves!

In July, I will be working on finishing the fox, but with less than two weeks to do this combined with my procrastination on it, this may yet see August. I would like to finish the leaves on the pansy, and perhaps start a petal so I can make use of Tanja’s critique.

6 thoughts on “Monthly wrap up and July plans”

  1. Your fox and pansy are looking fine, Catherine! Just keep going. Silk shading is one of those techniques that don’t handle longer breaks well. That said, only experienced embroiderers will see those breaks in the finished piece. All others will be smitten by the result!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement Jessica! ? I really appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice and encouraging words. I hadn’t thought about the effect of a break in silk shading but you have spurred me on! Thank you!

    1. I’m already starting to think about Christmas! Crazy how fast this year is whizzing by. I certainly hope I end up with a good natured fox! At least I don’t mind re-stitching if needed ?

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