Hello again! I have been off enjoying a wonderful summer holiday in Budapest, Vienna and Prague. After coming back last weekend, I have finally been able to spend a bit of time relaxing and getting back into my stitching. Whilst out walking the dog today, I was thinking that it has probably been a good couple of months since I have stitched with any amount of regularity, and I have to say, I have really enjoyed the process of stitching again this weekend!

I have been getting back into the swing of things by working on the purple pansy by Tanja Berlin. I was hoping to have the leaves all finished off tonight, but after yet again unpicking half of one leaf, that is looking a little unlikely! I just can’t quite get the stitch direction right, and when I think I have that right, I don’t like second colour, as I’m not quite following the rules of long and short stitch. This is what getting back into the swing of things is about I suppose!

unstitching again.jpg

I’m reasonably happy with my attempts on the right hand leaf. Still some improvement to be made, but I’m hoping that when I add in the vein lines, some of these things will ‘correct’ themselves. I will wait and see, but I’m not ready to pull it out just yet.

right side leaf completed

The left leaf. What can I say other than I’m banking on third time lucky? As I was pulling out the stitching again, I decided that I will do things a bit out of order for my head, and will add in the second colour on the bottom half of the leaf and see if that helps. It can’t hurt anyway! I’m also going to adopt a technique I learnt at the RSN in the crewel work day class I did, and start in the middle of the leaf, and work ‘up’, before working the lower half. I’m hoping this will help with the consistency of the stitch direction, which is the main problem I’m having at the moment. I am optimistic about this third attempt!

Just a quick update today – I should be able to get back into both regular stitching and updating you now!

work in progress.jpg

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