Sunday Stitches – A couple of quick projects

We had a lovely time away in Cologne over the Easter period, and for the first time in a very long time, I didn’t take any embroidery with me. Our holidays are usually fairly jam packed with activity, and I don’t even take it out of the suitcase, so I decided to just not take anything at all this time! Thankfully, our usual routine ensued, and I wasn’t idle at all! This did however leave me with very ‘itchy fingers’ when we got back. And finally, on Thursday evening, I was able to sit down and relax with some embroidery.

Before Easter, I had purchased a couple of kits from The Noble Thread. If you haven’t seen Caroline’s work, do make sure you check out her website or Facebook page – her creations are just stunning! Her blog is also a great one to follow along with – the research she puts into the history for her interpretation of the works is really interesting. Anyway, the first parcel I am still crossing my fingers for tomorrow’s mail delivery and hoping Royal Mail’s customer service team is better than the local post office team! But, moving along from that gripe, in the second parcel Caroline had very generously popped in a kit for a free pattern on her website. Yes, I know I have more than enough projects on the go, but I really wanted to stitch this straight away, so set myself up and spent a couple of very enjoyably hours stitching this gorgeous design.  This may have also created a new thread obsession – Renaissance Crewel Wool – this is the most gloriously soft woollen thread I think I have ever used, and I will definitely be looking at investing in some in the near future!

Now, because apparently one quick project wasn’t enough, I really wanted to do another one. I seem to also have an obsession for crewel work presently, so I got out another little kit, this one a dragonfly by Sophie Long. I’m hoping to finishing him off this afternoon, and I’m again really enjoying this one. I’ve changed all the split stitch outlines to stem stitch, just because I like stem stitch! I’m also using this as a bit of a testing ground for stitching with ‘two hands’. Sounds a bit strange, as I usually do stitch with both my hands, but I’m trying to stitch with my left hand always on the top, and my right always on the bottom of the frame (I’m using a seat frame, which makes this experimentation possible!). I can definitely see how this would be a quicker way stitching, though my left hand is struggling with the accuracy of stitch placement, so more practice is required! It’s probably good in general to get my left hand a bit more nimble! I also think I’ve popped too many rows in my lattice stitch, but it’s been a good way of working on some of these techniques.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break, with or without stitching!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Stitches – A couple of quick projects”

  1. Glad to hear you had a lovely time In Cologne, I always take something with me when I’m away, its usually crochet because its easy to pick up and put down.
    These two kits are really nice and so different, I’ve seen those seat frames and quite fancy getting one, are you using yours in an armchair or on your swivel chair?

    1. It’s always good to have something when you go away, and crochet sounds perfect! Maybe I should try and learn how to do that too. I actually move my seat frame around with me, and sometimes I use it on a swivel chair, other times whilst on the lounge. I find it comfortable and use able in both spots! They are more expensive than the hand held frames, though I find it has been one of the best buys I have made, and default to it a lot more than the hand held ones now.

  2. Thanks for the info on the frame, I wasn’t sure if one would be usable on a swivel chair, the lady who was demonstrating one (on a craft programme), was sitting in an armchair. I can think about getting one now.

    1. Yes, definitely worth considering! I have the Elbesee one, and you can also get a table stand, so you can attach it to a desk or table if that is more comfortable for you. And, there’s the floor stand add on too! One could go crazy ☺

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