TAST 2016 – Stitch34 – Oyster Stitch

This week was a bit of a catch up week for me and TAST – first up, was stitch 34, Oyster Stitch.

This was quite a good stitch to do, as it’s based on twisted chain stitch, which was one of the first stitches we did this year. However, even after working it in a row, and in a flower, I admit, this is not one of my favourites. I just couldn’t get it to look ‘neat’, and when I was working the row, I’m quite certain I haven’t completed it correctly, however I just couldn’t work out how to move from one stitch to the next, without completely finishing the first one.

It took me several attempts to work out how to actually complete the stitch, and finally understand where I was creating the loop, after finding the stitch in one of my stitch books. I still however messed it up a couple of times!

I wasn’t particularly happy with the line result, so I decided to attempt it by creating a ‘flower’, however I’m afraid this didn’t change my opinion of the stitch – it still just looks a little messy.

I finally have understood the mechanics of the stitch, and can stitch it without looking up the instructions on a regular basis. I’m assuming more work is required on this one to get it looking the way it should!

Do you enjoy Oyster stitch? What tricks do you have up your sleeves for this one?!

2 thoughts on “TAST 2016 – Stitch34 – Oyster Stitch”

  1. I need to play with this one more, but I did love trying it out the first time. The texture is a lot of fun. I think your work is lovely!

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