TAST 2016 catch up – Stitch 26 Arrow Stitch

Whilst I was beavering away to finish off my RSN class piece, I got a little behind with the TAST stitches. But hopefully I can catch up this week! So this week I’m ignoring the ‘Tuesday’ part of TAST and making it any day!

Arrow, or arrowhead stitch, I found to be a nice easy, straightforward stitch. I had my normal problem of being a little off in my distances between stitches, but all in all, no major hiccups! Sharon had said that it is an easy stitch, suitable for children and beginners, and I would agree with that.

I decided that this stitch would probably not take curves well, so I have done four small areas of the same pattern for this stitch to start the decoration of the elephant’s legs.

week 3 arrow stitch 3.jpg

After completing the first row, I alternated between threads (one a beautiful variegated cotton thread by Oliver Twists I picked up at the Knitting and Stitching Show), and I was quite pleased with the overall effect, although my final row didn’t have enough room to comfortably sit in. Something to remember!

So what did I learn? I think the main thing is that this is a great versatile stitch. You can use it quite plainly and get a lovely finish, or you can really jazz it up to get some lovely effects. I used different threads, however using rows of different sizes could give a lovely effect too. Again, learning this stitch on a counted fabric would be easier to get them all looking similar in size and distance apart, however it works well on non counted fabric.

Have you completed this stitch as part of the TAST challenge this year? How did you find it?

week 3 arrow stitch 5

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