tast elephant sampler interlaced feather stitch

TAST Stitch 60 – Inverted Feather Stitch

The TAST Elephant Sampler

Inverted Feather Stitch

One of the advantages of not stitching along on a week by week basis with TAST is the ability to pick and choose whichever stitch takes your fancy. Certainly an advantage when you are working your sampler on a particular image!

After having a look through a number of the TAST stitches, I settled on TAST Stitch 60 – Inverted Feather Stitch.  Sharon did point out that despite the name, it isn’t really a feather sititch, and I would have to agree! If anything, it is a variation on chain stitch.

Thread Choices

Sharon recommended stitching this stitch in a twisted thread like a perle. I decided to follow this advice, and stitched it in a perle 5. To me however, this is a bit ‘heavy’. I feel I either needed to work it in an area where the stitches could be about double the size they are, or use a thinner thread. It just looks clunky.

For detailed instructions on how to work the stitch, I’ll let you head over to Sharon’s instructions. But in short, you create a chain stitch with a straight edge, and almost complete a box by creating a second chain stitch, but you have created a loop a little differently for the second stitch that forms part of the pattern.

Stitch Difficulty

This was a quick and easy stitch to get the hang of, and worked up quickly. It would probably look much better on something like a crazy quilt seam than in the small area’s I’ve stitched it, but overall I’m happy with my attempt. In the samples at the top of the legs, I was trying to keep in line with the stitches above it, so my squares didn’t quite work. And like a lot of the TAST stitches, it would have been easier on an evenweave!

But, that is one more area stitched, and one more stitch attempted!

interlaced feather stitch
interlaced feather stitch stitched using perle 5
interlaced feather stitch sample



26 thoughts on “TAST Stitch 60 – Inverted Feather Stitch”

    1. Thanks Kate! It’s not a piece I’m overly worried about the stitches being perfect (though it would be nice if they were!), I’m just enjoying the experience of learning stitches I’ve never heard of!

    1. It’s not a stitch I’d heard of before, but that is the great thing about the TAST stitches – so many that I wouldn’t have known existed! You are right about the potential for this stitch. I think you could do quite a lot with it in a variety of different scenarios too!

    1. Thanks Tammy. I’m never sure where this piece will lead, so you just don’t know what might be next, or indeed, when it might be finished!

    1. It’s a fabric which is traditionally used for crewelwork – linen twill. I’m not sure why I decided to stitch this sampler on it, but it’s a nice thick fabric which holds the stitches well. I couldn’t resist the little bit of bling with those stars 🙂

  1. Love the elephant! Your inverted feather stitch looks very neat, I struggled with this one, in fact I’ve just looked back at my feather stitch page and my comment was ‘I don’t think I’ll be doing this one again’!!!

  2. This is a lovely, fun project! I wonder if perle cotton no. 8 might have given you the result you were hoping for. It has the twist but is quite a bit finer than the no. 5. Just a thought. I love the stitch variety, what a great way to learn new ones.

    1. Yes, definitely something thinner and less dominant, but I just went with Sharon’s suggestion. But an interesting stitch regardless!

    1. Thanks Julie. It’s a great project to be able to play with stitches without worrying too much about how it will all work out!

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