Despite knowing that I really should be working on the baby blanket, I am enjoying working on the Ann’s Orchard Clutch and it has become my go to piece of an evening!

I have completed the petals on the first flower, and was really pleased with how the blanket stitch looked. Some of my stitches could be improved, but overall I am happy with it!

For the centre of the flower I used two strands for the outer circle and chain stitched around the circle. I’m not sure if the two strands are a little too ‘heavy’, or if they contrast the flower and give it a bit of depth. So it will stay for the time being like it is, but depending on how I feel about it when I get to the second flower I might change to one strand to see what that looks like!

first completed flower.jpg

For the centre circle I again opted for blanket stitch, however I spaced the stitches a little wider. My theory behind this was I wanted to use quite a dark coloured thread, however I felt that would be ‘too much’, and decided I could use the background white to my advantage. This is the second attempt at this one! In the first attempt the stitches weren’t evenly enough spaced. Still not great on this one, but better! Again I’m reasonably happy with the end result. What do you think about this approach to the flower?

Now, the next part will be taken out! The colour is too dark, the two strands I used too heavy, and I’m not sold on the stitch choice. I really wanted to try and work the long legged detached chain stitch from the TAST challenge in, but I’m not sold on its use here. Part of me thinks it could work, if I could get them to look like little petals. Maybe just a change of colour is needed, I’m not sure!

large branch attempt.jpg

This is the first project I’ve ever worked where I have chosen the stitches used, and worked out which colours I should use where. Despite the ‘unstitching’, I really am enjoying the process and am learning as I go along. Which is all part of the process, maybe the most important part of the process! It’s nice to be able to ‘play’ like this, with still some guidelines in terms of the design pattern, but with enough freedom to work through different colours and stitches.

where I am at

What do you think of the progress I’ve made so far? Do you agree with my assessments or would you do something different?

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