TAST Stitch 30 – Long Legged Detached Chain Stitch

Wow the weeks fly by! The next TAST Stitch already.

Like with most of the stitches so far, I really enjoyed this one. It is a reasonably straight forward variation to a standard chain stitch, and you may have already stitched it without ever knowing!

TAST to date.jpg

I am starting to understand why samplers are completed without any design restrictions! My first thought was to use a circle of them, and whip them like Sharon demonstrated as a variation, and which I thought was a lovely way to use the stitch. However after fitting it into my elephant, I decided it best to opt for a bit of bling instead, as my legs weren’t the same length! On the two side sections, I opted for some ‘petals’ – I should have made them symmetrical but anyway (I prefer the one on the right – what do you think?).

After adding in my starry bling, I was quite happy with the end result, although I am still thinking I might make the two side petal sections symmetrical.

the finished sample with bling

Another fantastic stitch, and a versatile one at that! Whilst in my little sample it is quite decorative, I imagine it could be used as a good alternative in other places you might use chain stitch, but you want to mix it up a bit. I’m thinking it might be a good stitch to use on a section of the Ann’s Orchard Clutch where I was wondering what to do – let’s see!

Are you joining in the TAST stitches? I’d love to know how you found this stitch!

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