Stitching on Annes Orchard clutch progress. Just a few stitches

Anne’s Orchard Clutch update – Just a little Progress

Stitching on the clutch

It’s been a while since I’ve put any stitches in on ‘Anne’s Orchard’ Clutch. Too long given it’s meant to be a project in current rotation! But I still seem to be struggling to juggle working full time and all my stitching projects. As I said last time, I think part of the problem is actually the number of projects I have on the go at the moment! I will have to re-focus myself in the new year.

Just a few stitches

To avoid another ‘pass’, I did spend a little bit of time this afternoon stitching the clutch. In quite a short amount of time, I managed to finish one flower, and start the final one on the first side of the clutch. I’m continually amazed at how much progress can be made in a short period with this piece! Perhaps if this becomes a summer holiday project some serious progress will be made.

So hopefully you can tell the difference?

It’s minor I grant you, but at least it is a little bit of progress! Now I need to work out what colour to stitch the remaining leaves. The first three were stitched with one white and two pale grey. I’m thinking since the remaining four are pairs, maybe all white? I also need to work out how I stitched one of the branches with leaves. It looks like an odd variation on whipped backstitch – sometimes woven perhaps?!! I’m not sure what exactly was going through my mind at that point, but even if it is a completely made up stitch, it is quite effective with the slightly metallic thread. So if I can replicate it I will be happy.

Flower completed in chain stitch, buttonhole stitch


Flower started with chain stitch and buttonhole stitch details

Progress on Annes orchard clutch, with a little bit of progress on the flowers!

Join the others!

Do make sure you head over and see what everyone else has been up to! I’m sure the others have been much more studious than I have. If you would like to join, please get in touch with Avis, and she will give you all the details.

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See you in three weeks for the next SAL update. It is just before Christmas – what a scary thought!

And in the mean time, it’s time for me to finish up some Christmas decorations…

29 thoughts on “Anne’s Orchard Clutch update – Just a little Progress”

  1. Progress is progress! I’m the same with my DTRH quilt at the moment, I neglect it for most of the three weeks, spend an evening working on it and get so much more achieved than I thought, if only I kept at it I would get it finished!!

  2. The only way I could do any art when I worked full time was by going to art classes once a week. Otherwise it was very difficult to find the time. I think we all understand! xox

    1. That is a good tip Anne! I’ve purchased a fancy planner and diary for next year. I, hoping it will help me to balance everything out. I’m also feeling like I may be in a position to not have to work quite such long hours which is nice, and means there’s more time for fun things ?

  3. I can relate. There have been projects that I put aside for whatever reason and then get the idea that it will be hard to go back to or to finish. Then when I’ve screwed up the courage to work on it again I’m amazed at how easy and quickly I get it done! I’ve also learned to make notes so I have a better idea what I did and what I’d planned to do when I pick it up again. Not that I always do what I say! Hope you can work out a regular stitching schedule, maybe after the holidays. 🙂

    1. That’s a great tip about always taking notes. I tend to do that for my own designs, but not so much for when I’m doing something like this. I’m hoping the new year will be more settled and I can focus on stitching again ?

    1. Thanks Pamela! We all work on our own projects, and you just choose something that you wish to stitch up. I’m using it as a way to get through my WIPs – it’s just I keep adding to the list faster than I can stitch!

  4. As I said in my own post Catherine, any progress is good progress, and as long as a little is done every three weeks it will reach completion somewhere along the line. Enjoying the journey is what counts, not reaching the destination.

    1. You are so encouraging and they are very wise words Helen! I do like the thought that it is th journey that counts, that is always my theory and I do need to remember that!

  5. It’s clearly one of those times when you just have to be pleased with any progress at all! Did you check to see whether you recorded the stitch on the blog…?

    1. I was thinking as I was writing it that I will need to find out how well my record keeping of stitches in times past was! I will definitely dig through when I finally get back to it!

  6. Ah well, that’ more stitches than I accomplished this time! I am looking for a fancy planner, but I seem to have trouble getting out of the house to just go look! Ha!

    1. It’s a busy time of year isn’t it! I hope you have had some luck finding a planner. The one I have is all goal focused and seems to be quite serious! But still, it’s nice to have something that will focus me. I just need to remember to look at it once I’ve set the goals and plans of reaching them!

  7. I’m afraid I sometimes do this with non-craft projects, too — things sometimes stay on my to-do list for a long time, and when I finally start them, I can make progress quickly or even finish them. My best friend and I often find ourselves saying, “Well, that took 2 months and 15 minutes…” But luckily with crafts we can usually be more flexible, right? I love the way you are embroidering on the patterned fabric; gives me all sorts of ideas for future projects!

    1. I’m glad this project is giving you ideas for future projects! I do like that about crafting, that we can just jump from one thing to another with no one but ourselves to be accountable to!

  8. I’ve finished up loads of projects lately but can’t seem to find the motivation to blog about them. At the moment I’d rather be stitching. Some time down the line I won’t fancy stitching for a while and the blog will get some TLC. Just enjoy however much you decide to do on the clutch. Otherwise it’ll feel like a chore.

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