Embroidery (and Craft in General), and Our Wellbeing

With our busy lives, more and more of us are turning 'craft' to 'escape'. And it is good for us!

There has (and probably always has been, and given our current crazy lives, will most likely only increase), some active ‘talk’ on the benefits of ‘craft’ and our general health and wellbeing. With our lives becoming busier and busier, with all of the technology we seem to feel obliged to keep on top of on a daily basis, the stresses of money, work, and the expectation that you are always ‘on’ and ‘available’, where to live, where to send the kids to school. And the list goes on.


But amongst all of this is the ‘regeneration’ of art and craft, and the soothing and calming effect it has when we get involved with whatever activity it is that gives us this calming sensation. For some (like myself), it is embroidery, for others dressmaking, doll making, toy making, scrapbooking, quilting, card making, paper cutting, knitting, crocheting, and any other number of activities where we put our mind to making and doing something with our hands and some (at first sight), basic materials. It becomes an escape, it is restful (most of the time!), it is satisfying, and no matter what our skills, we can be proud of our achievements. You can be like me, an amateur at your chosen craft, and still make beautiful things. You can strive to improve your skills by looking to the professionals in your field. And all the while, not only are you making, and creating, you are learning and developing new skills.


Trish Burr has recently written a couple of brilliant articles on ten reasons to do embroidery. If you haven’t seen them already, I can highly recommend you take a visit to her two posts on the topic. You can find them here and here. I’m sure you will find at least one reason that resonates with you personally! My favourites that resonate with me the most are: it is satisfying and rewarding, it is motivating, it provides freedom from stress and anxiety, you will never be bored, and finally, it keeps the craft alive! So I really do like most of them, but thought I should pick a few favourites out!

I’m not sure how widely spread BBC4 is, however last week there was a great programme called, MAKE Craft Britain! (apologies if that link is region locked), where they spent time with two groups of people. The first, undertaking some modern embroidery for a lamp shade, and the second, paper cutting. Regardless of what you feel for those individual craft activities, the one point that came out of both groups, was how wonderful and relaxing their activity was. The joy on their faces as they created something from nothing, and several who had never picked up a needle, or knew what paper craft was, was just wonderful.

bits and bobs finished
Bits and Bobs – the Noble Thread

I know that for me personally, the idea of picking up some embroidery at the end of the day is what helps me settle for the evening. It helps to put aside all of those worries and thoughts that work creates. Of course, those thoughts are put aside for all of the ‘what if’, ‘I wonder if I could’, ‘would that work?’ thoughts! So I’m not sure I go to bed with a calmer mind sometimes, but at least they are happy and creative thoughts!

So as we are mourning the terrible loss of innocent lives in America again, whether it be through terror or otherwise, let us be thankful that we have something to help us escape, regenerate, relax and renew ourselves.

Do you find this resonates with you? Do you enjoy and look forward to the sense of ease your craft can bring? I’d love to know what benefits you find from ‘crafting’!

detail of front finished

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4 thoughts on “Embroidery (and Craft in General), and Our Wellbeing”

  1. Ok Catherine, I think you need to read Number 6. **** There is no wrong way to do it.*****. I think you are way to hard on yourself. Enjoy, but alas, I also am hard on myself and expect nothing but perfection from me.
    I’m thinking about putting away my quilting for a while and getting out my embroidery. I want to just sit and hand sew for a while. it relaxes me.
    Kathleen Mary

    1. I think being hard on ourselves is something that is part of it – we know we can do better and strive to do so! I admire anybody who can quilt, but I am a real lover of embroidery and love how it relaxes me. I hope you enjoy any activity you do!

  2. Thank you Catherine, for this post and the reference to Trish Burr’s posts. It all applies to me to. I actually have started to go to work earlier in the morning so I can get home earlier and start crafting, so I can relax and settle in. Whether it is embroidery or crochet or any other craft it is so satisfying making something, although I can be quite hard on myself too!

    1. I’m glad you found it useful Marlous. I got home from work quite late yesterday, so wasn’t able to stitch anything, which is frustrating for a few hours. I’m glad you have worked out a system for yourself where you are able to get quite a bit done of an evening!

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