May wrap up and June Plans

This post is a bit late, but better late than never! Since I went to the effort of making some plans for May, I thought I should check myself against them to see how I went!

First up, the Red Fox, and finishing lesson two by the end of the month. This one came close, but not quite. After a very well spent long weekend, I almost caught up, but I still have the ears to do. It of course isn’t helped by me unpicking and re-stitching parts two or three times! The third lesson came out in mid-May, and the class finishes up on the 24th June, so I don’t have long to finish him off! Even though it is the smallest section to stitch, it is also the most daunting – the face can make or break him! I’m not under any illusion that I will actually finish him in time, but I’m hoping to get close.

progess on ears.jpg

Next on the list was the sheep baby blanket. Unfortunately, not much progress was made here. I’m worried that I will run out of thread, but I’m not going to know unless I actually get stitching!

The TAST stitches have taken a real back seat unfortunately. After catching up last time, I haven’t stitched any! The same for the Trevelyon Cap Course project. Not a thing was stitched all month.

I did however start a new project, the Purple Pansy class with Tanja Berlin. This was a really lovely relaxing project to work through.

lesson one complete

And I nearly forgot the Crewel work project I completed in a day class with the RSN. I really enjoyed this piece, and have it still sitting on my desk, pleading to be made up into a cushion cover!

completed piece

So, all in all, an OK month I suppose. It did make me realise what is achievable for me during the week at the moment.

And that brings us to June! I’m hoping June will be a ‘finishing’ month. The red fox class comes to a close, so even if he isn’t completely finished it will be close.

The purple pansy will move along. I will keep up to date with lesson two, and I might make a start on the final lesson too.

It really is time to get the baby blanket done and dusted too, depending on the thread situation! I really want to get that finished off now. I have other projects I want to start!

enjoying the sunshine

And, that should keep me busy I think. By finishing a few things off in June, I’m hoping to be able to spend some serious time on the Cap Course in July and August.

What are your plans for June? Do you think it helps keep you focused when you make plans? I’m not sure it helped me, but there was only one project started that I hadn’t considered, so maybe that is better than normal!

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2 thoughts on “May wrap up and June Plans”

  1. Great wrap up. What thread are you using for the baby blanket. You are sewing alot. Don’t forget to rest.
    Kathleen Mary

    1. Thanks Kathleen Mary. The thread is a Gloriana thread. The trouble is it isn’t widely stocked, but there is somewhere in the States that stock it so I should be ok! I find stitching very relaxing most of the time. Don’t worry, I still rest up!

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