As I’ve mentioned a few times recently, I’m becoming a lot more open to the idea of unpicking work and re-stitching it. I have become quite good at it whilst working on the fox!

One little ‘tool’ that I have found to be of great assistance when doing this, is a pair of small tweezers called ‘Uncle Bill’s Tweezers’. Now I don’t know why Uncle Bill, and not Uncle Bob (as I tend to call them!), but I do really like these tweezers!

I had heard about these little things a few years ago and didn’t think anything of them, until I needed to start again on this leaf on the Trevelyon Cap Course. I had other various jeweller tweezers, but I just couldn’t pull out all the tiny stitches. So I jumped online and found myself some Uncle Bill tweezers.

The difference they make! They have a tiny point, and are quite small, so you can get a lot of accuracy by using them, and pull out just what needs to be taken out. They make pulling out even the tiny stitches made when starting and finishing a thread so easy!

tweezers size.jpg

So, how do I actually go about unstitching an area? I have found the method that works best for me when un-picking thread painting is to flip the work over, and carefully cut through all of the stitches, on the ‘top’ side of the stitches. This does of course need to be done very carefully, as you need to be careful to not cut either the fabric, or the stitches you want to leave in. I then flip the work back over, and using my new best friend Uncle Bill, I pull the threads through into a nice pile of small threads. I find the small catching threads for the beginning and end of threads can be easily pulled through without needing to cut them on the back.

unpicking in progress

Whilst un-picking work is never particularly enjoyable, this seems to make the process not only easy, but also quite quick to do, so it’s not long before I can get back into another attempt at it!

Where can you pick these little guys up?  I purchased mine on Amazon, but I believe some embroidery stores also stock them. So, if you have an embroidery shop close by (lucky you!!), you may be able to pick them up there or ask them to order them in for you.

I would love to know how you go about un-picking your stitching you aren’t happy with. What tips and tricks do you use?

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