A Friday Night of Stitching

Last night was the link up party ‘FNSI‘, a good night in stitching away with friends around the globe.

I’m still working on the pansy, and that was the focus of the evening. Most of the evening was spent very carefully pulling out some of the light purple on petals three and four. Originally I was just going to take all of the pale purple out, but after looking closely, I decided I could probably get away with just a couple of stitches that were the worst offenders and try just re-stitching those!

I also discovered that I have used the wrong light purple on these petals! Whilst looking at the shade card and wondering why I had a purple I hadn’t used, I looked back at the colour guide and discovered I had used the wrong shade! I had just re-stitched the petals, and since I am reasonably happy with the result, I have decided to just leave it!

This pansy is getting very close to be finished!




10 thoughts on “A Friday Night of Stitching”

  1. Gosh you really are so close to finishing and its looking lovely!

    I wouldn’t have known that you had used the wrong shade, so I think you are right to leave it as is, I must admit I’ve done it myself and more than once.

    1. Thanks Ann – I’m hoping to have it finished this weekend, but we will have to wait and see! I actually don’t mind it with the darker of the light shades, so am not in a hurry to change it!

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