I had been looking forward to this month’s IHSW, and I thought I would be able to finish the pansy, but a few things came up over the weekend and not nearly as much stitching happened as I would have liked!

Nevertheless, the pansy is slowly blossoming. The back two petals are complete, and I’m reasonably happy with them.

The front right petal however needs some work. I don’t like the way the light purple thread is sitting – it just looks wrong. I think I can get away with just taking out the light purple and having another go at it. That will be the starting point anyway!

The left front petal is coming along nicely. One thing I’m noticing more on this petal than the others is that the stitches aren’t completely even in tension. Well I think that is what it is, though it could potentially be that I am trying to cram too many stitches into the space? I’m a little bit tempted to pull it out and try spacing the stitches marginally further apart. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

One day soon this little pansy will be finished. That is of course if I stop undoing everything I stitch!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and are looking forward to a good week ahead!

I am linking up with IHSW run by Random Ramblings for this post.

IHSW Hermie

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