Summer is nigh – time to think ahead!

Summer is drawing to a close here in the northern hemisphere. At least, schools are starting to return, so our lazy and relaxed days and travels are over for a bit, although we are still enjoying warm weather. It also signals the return to routine and I’m hoping more regular posting here!

Now probably because I am from Australia, and summer does mean the beginning of a new year, I somehow feel I should be thinking about what’s to come and what’s planned for the next few months. Given I’ve never successfully managed new year resolutions this is somewhat surprising, but it never hurts to put some thought into the coming months does it?

So, what does this really mean?

Stitching wise, it means I will finish off my two Tanja Berlin pieces (progress is being made on the pansy– I will update you on that soon!). And now I’m back in the swing of stitching again, I do want to finish the red fox!

I have an idea I want to try out to make some ‘sketched postcards’ of places we have visited. I’ve made some initial progress (mainly in my head at this point), but how I will actually complete this is a little up in the air!

I have also made a leap in my embroidery development plans (possibly a very silly one but time will tell!). The ‘i’s’ haven’t been dotted nor the ‘t’s’ crossed just yet so I won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, although some may guess what this means. It does mean the pile of projects that have been started but not finished won’t get smaller anytime soon, but anyway! I am very excited about it! This may also lead to some very specific samplers being worked in the near future as I try new stitches and attempt to perfect others.

I have also been thinking about Christmas presents  (scary I know!). I have been really enjoying the white space effect in pieces recently stitched by Mary Corbet and Ambrosia Stitches. So in my head I have decided I could do a couple of cute girly monogrammed cushions for my nieces. And together with baby blankets that will all definitely keep me busy!

As for here on the blog, I may do a few visual design changes (just in case you look one day and it is all a little different), but I also want to try something a little different post wise. I will still be posting my progress updates on the various pieces I work, and what I have learnt along the way. However, I’m also planning a little series of ‘inspiration’ posts, and the wide and varied places we discover it, or even what we find inspirational. I am by no means qualified in this area, but it is one that I am becoming increasingly aware of and intrigued by. So a real leap into the unknown and I may swim or I may sink! I would love to know what your thoughts on this are. Am I being very silly, or is it something you would like to join in on the conversation? Is there anything else you would like to talk about? Let me know!

So let’s not lament the end of summer too much – we have fun times ahead! And for those in the southern hemisphere – spring is my favourite season and you have long lazy days ahead of you!

4 thoughts on “Summer is nigh – time to think ahead!”

  1. Of course you are qualified to talk about inspiration – it happens to you! I definitely find it interesting to see the inspiration and thought process behind a project

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