I thought I would try something a little different this month, and set myself some ‘plans’ (I won’t call them goals just yet!), on what I plan to achieve in the month ahead. Why you say? Well, you may have noticed that I tend to get a wee little bit distracted, and end up with multiple projects at any number of variations of ‘complete’, so I thought this might help me stay on track a little! I also thought it might be nice for you to know what was coming up over the coming weeks. I’m not sure at this stage if this will ‘continue’ on a monthly basis – May will be my ‘trial’, so let’s see what happens! I’d also love to know what you think of this idea! I do tend to have some rather crazy ideas at times!

So first up, I will be continuing on with the Red Fox project I am working with Tanja Berlin. I have made some slow progress over the last couple of weeks, and after a shaky second row, I now understand what I’m doing so much more (makes the class worthwhile already!). I’m still about half way through lesson one, and lesson two came out last week, so a bit of catching up to. My aim for May is to be up to date, with lesson two all completed by the end of the month. I will talk some more on this project and what I’ve learnt so far later this week. One thing is for sure – I am really enjoying it! I’m like a little kid bursting at the seams when I’ve sent some photos off for critique and I’m waiting on the feedback to come back!

completed third row.jpg

Continuing on with the ‘learning’ theme, I am going to the RSN this coming Saturday (again, I’m like a little kid – this week can’t go fast enough!). I am doing an introduction to crewel work day class with Lizzy Pye. I am hoping I will be able to finish off the project I start in May. If the stump work class I did is anything to go by, I will be excited, and will be very eager and keen to finish it off!

And let’s not forget the baby blanket. I do think I need another movie or two to watch to get this one moving along! We are having another Coffee Cake and Craft get together later in May, but at the rate of one of those sessions a month, the little girl won’t be so little by the time I get it to her!

slow sheep progress

Then, just in case that isn’t enough, I’m also planning on make some inroads into the Trevelyon Cap. After a reader said she wouldn’t be able to do the same thing over and over on each of the panels, before moving onto the next motif, I thought that maybe that is (one) of my problems with it. I’m just a little bored of leaves! So whilst waiting on my feedback from Tanja, I set myself up again on this project. The last stopping point was part way through one of the long narrow leaves. But, since I had already completed one panel with those leaves, and just need to complete the oak leaves for the leaves to be all done on that panel, I have decided to go back to this first panel, and complete it in full. I am already much more excited about this! I can almost add red on!

I will continue to partake in the weekly TAST challenges. I am really enjoying learning the new stitches, and at the same time, adding different colours and textures to my elephant sampler. So hopefully (unless I get side tracked again!), you will be seeing a weekly elephant update.

sampler to date

That list will definitely keep me out of mischief! Let’s see how much I actually achieve this month, as I still do have to trot along to work, walk the dog, and do other ‘life’ things in between.

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