I’m a little late getting this post up sorry! Last week’s TAST Stitch was Coral stitch. Whilst the previous stitch was one of my favourites, this one was at the other end of the line. I still don’t think I completed it correctly, and you can see from the photos that I did make changes as I went around the shape.

coral stitch sample

My first problem again stemmed from me being a ‘stabber’ rather than a ‘sewer’. Having looked at it again, and the examples others have put up on the Facebook group page, I also think the bit of fabric I was grabbing was in the wrong direction! Not to worry….

The initial problem I had with this stitch was that I was winding the thread around the needle in the wrong direction, and actually created buttonhole stitches not knot stitches! I managed to only stitch about two like that before working out that something just wasn’t right. Once I’d worked out how to wind the thread, I progressed along the line, in a very uneven fashion! My knots just don’t seem to sit correctly. As I worked my way around, I also tried to grab smaller and smaller nips of fabric so it didn’t create such a large ‘anchoring’ stitch, which also adds to the general messiness of this stitch in my sample. This is also the point where I think I wasn’t completing the stitch properly. It looks from other examples that the nip of fabric should be taken on the line to be stitched, rather than above it. Does anyone know where you take this nip of fabric from? Should it be above like the tutorial and books suggest, or is it on the line you are stitching?

I haven’t taken this stitch out (yet!), but I may give it another go, it’s really uneven and messy in general, and I would like to have another go at getting this stitch right.

sampler to date

Have you used this stitch before? How did you use it?

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