TAST 2016 – Stitch 35 -Threaded Cable Chain Stitch

Last week’s TAST stitch was Threaded Cable Stitch, and much like Oyster Stitch, it was a good one to do, as it uses a previous stitch as the basis for the stitch – not surprisingly given it’s name, in this case, cable chain stitch!

I quite enjoyed this stitch, and had a bit of fun adding a bit of bling with some metallic thread.

After completing the cable chain stitch, a second thread is then woven around these cables. The biggest challenge I found with this was getting the woven thread’s tension even, with the loops created by it standard and even with each cable stitch. This wasn’t helped with my choice of metallic thread, which is a little harder to manipulate, especially when I used a length which was far too long first off! However the end result is very effective.

stitch 35 completed sample.jpg

Thanks Sharon for this stitch! How did you find threaded cable chain stitch to work?


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