This week hasn’t been overly productive for me – I’ve not felt the best this week, so stitching anything has been on the back burner. But, I did manage to make a bit of headway into the TAST catchup! I’m a few weeks behind, so the first stitch in this catch up was Linked Chain Stitch. I really enjoyed this stitch – it was a lovely one to get back into the swing of things, and didn’t involve too much brain power!

linked chain stitch completed.jpg

For this stitch I moved away from the bright pinks, and chose a pastel variegated silk thread by 21st Century Yarns to add a bit of variety to the colours.

I found this an easy stitch to work, and it worked up quite quickly. You start by completing one ‘normal’ chain stitch. Your following stitch doesn’t start at the end of this stitch, but rather within the first chain you created. The overall effect it creates is a bit like a rope. Sharon has also worked the stitch with beads, which looks fantastic – I don’t have any suitable beads unfortunately!

So now my elephant doesn’t feel quite so left out, and I’m one stitch closer to catching up! Did you work this stitch? Did you enjoy it?

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