TAST 2016 – Stitch 37 – Triangular Buttonhole stitch

Continuing along with the TAST catchup! I have really enjoyed having a bit of catch up this time round – some great stitches that I can just sit and play with has been wonderful!

Stitch 37 is Triangular Buttonhole stitch – a stitch I imagine would look fantastic as a border! If you can work ‘regular buttonhole’ stitch – this one is a lovely variation for you to play with. And, depending on the piece you use it on, it would look wonderful with variegated threads, and would work well with a number of different types of thread.

I chose to work this stitch with a variegated thread, though it wasn’t as effective as I had imagined it would be, as it is quite a gradual change in colour on this thread.

Initially I was going to work this stitch upside down! But, after quickly realising this, I was able to get back on track quite easily with this, and started again with the bottom of the triangle on the line I wanted it to be on.

One thing I am struggling a little with a lot of these stitches is that I use a hoop or frame (I actually really struggle without one!), and the stitch instructions are always written from the perspective of a ‘sewer’ rather than a ‘stabber’ – I imagine for the ease of showing the stitch in photos and diagrams! So I do find myself having to adjust some of the stitches slightly to accommodate this. But, overall, I was happy with this result, I just need to work on getting the stitch ‘flowing’ better from one to the other. Having stopped and thought about it, if I were to put the final ‘side’ of the triangle in from bottom to top, rather than top to bottom, I don’t think this would be a problem! But that’s part of what this is all about – learning as we go along.

sampler to date.jpg

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2 thoughts on “TAST 2016 – Stitch 37 – Triangular Buttonhole stitch”

  1. you are so very clever. I love reading your blog. You have analysed the stitches so beautifully. I think of myself well educated but your thought patterns are incredible. I don’t ever use a hoop. In my 65 years I have never realized it was because I sew my stitches until now. I don’t use a hoop when I hand quit either. I think part of that is the way I learned to embroider and quilt.
    Hope you are enjoying spring.
    Will you be coming back to Australia?
    Kthleen Mary

    1. Thanks Kathleen Mary – you are too kind! I certainly don’t think I analyse the stitches – I’m just trying to work them out and how to do them better! I can imagine using a hoop on a quilt would be quite difficult given the size and density of some of them. I know a lot of people who don’t use a hoop – I think it is just what you get used to! Sometimes it certainly would be easier without one I’m sure!
      Our spring to date has been a bit like your autumn to date – non existent! We had snow earlier this week!! Crazy times. I hope you are starting to get some of the beautiful colours autumn brings. We haven’t made any long term plans on where we will ‘live’ – we are very much enjoying it and the travel opportunities over here, but Australia is still where our hearts and family are.
      I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip 🙂

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