I’ve not been feeling myself lately, but I am now eager to get back to my stitching! I forgot how much better I feel when stitching is part of my daily life – I definitely need to get better at remembering that!

So, there hasn’t been a large amount of progress on my poor sheep these past few weeks. Last time we looked at my sheep, Mummy Sheep had everything but a face.

I’m pleased to say, Mummy is now looking very happy I think! I’m terrified of adding faces incase it turns out to be cranky or ugly. I was at first going to use satin stitch for the eyes, but after putting one in, I really didn’t like the effect it had, so back to more French knots! At least I’m keeping with the theme of the project.

At last it was time to move onto one of the lambs! Given my ‘problems‘ with the last rather large number of French knots on Mummy sheep, I am approaching this one a little differently. It looks all rather haphazard – and it is! And I want it to be. My theory is that if I stitch in this rather haphazard way and gradually fill in the gaps, differences in thread lots and my stitching of the knots will be less noticeable.

I’m also using a different thread grouping for this sheep (I believe the term is ‘stash busting’!). Instead of using predominately Gumnut Yarns and Gloriana threads as I did for Mummy sheep, I’m using mainly Paterna Yarn (which I personally don’t like despite a lot of very accomplished stitchers loving it. We are all different, and it’s good to have choice!). But, in this instance, this might be a very good thing, as the Knots are much larger (so I won’t have to do so many!). I’m also stitching them using only one wrap, so it just goes to show how much of a difference thread can make to a piece!

So this is where I am at the end of this three weekly check in. Not a lot to show, but as I keep saying, all progress is progress!

A General Catch up

I thought I’d also take this as opportunity to tell you a couple of other things since I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Firstly, you may have noticed that my blog looks a bit different! It is, and I’m really liking it, though it is taking a while to get used to how it is all working now! Quite different to what I had before, and I’ve got a few other things I’m thinking of adding in, but I think the bulk of the changes have been made. Do let me know if you notice anything odd or ‘broken’ or have any other ideas.

One of the reasons for me stepping away from all things stitch related was that I was really struggling with my canvas work. I really needed some time away from it to think and contemplate. And happily, I think it has worked! I’m now back into the swing of things with it, and after my class on Friday, I’m now confident that I’m moving in the right direction. I’ve set myself some rather hefty (probably technically called ‘reach’ goals) for this project, and I’ll be sharing more with you over the coming days. Exciting!

And that’s it for the general ‘catch up’. Just always remember – stitching is wonderful therapy! Maybe I did need time away from my canvaswork, but I really shouldn’t have dropped it all together. I should know better than most how much of a positive influence it can have on us!

Join in the fun of the SAL – and visit the others!

This stitch-a-long is hosted by the wonderful Avis. Every three weeks we post about our progress on a particular piece. Do make sure you head over to the other very talented members of the group and see what they have been up to. Just be warned – you will need a long cup of tea, coffee or wine, as it is all very amazing stuff!

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