the rose leaf tips being worked in silk shading

Silk Shaded Rose – and not much to share!

Backward progress on the rose leaves?

With a holiday and then a bit of a break from attending classes, I haven’t been doing a lot of stitching on this piece, like I should have been.

One of the reasons for this is I’ve been feeling a little ‘lost’. I was starting to gain confidence with the stitching last time I showed it to you. However, after my last class (several weeks ago now!), I have really lost that confidence and momentum.

A rose leaf or a camellia leaf?

I had stitched the ‘half leaf’ as I’d been shown, but unfortunately, when I went back to my last class, the tutors felt it looked too much like a camellia leaf, and not enough like a rose leaf. Fair point, and if I were doing a camellia it would have been a good start! This is a point that is probably worth noting just in ‘general RSN terms’ – sometimes your tutors will change their mind! I have no doubt it is something that happens as a piece develops (and I’m sure this happens in their own work as well). But, it’s a little frustrating at times!

Moving forward again

Back to square one so to speak. So what’s the difference between a camellia leaf and a rose leaf? Those little pointy thorns, which I am now surprised at just how many are on an individual leaf!

Creating rose leaf tips

Stitching them has actually been quite an interesting process. When I traced the design I didn’t include the points (another RSN point to note – the tutors will have different opinions on how to do certain things. So one said to do it this way, the other asked why I had done it that way!).

I actually think it has actually worked out for the best. Whilst I have a ‘camellia’ leaf split stitched in, to get the pointy tips, much in the same was as in the Jacobean piece when I was shown, the tips are extended well beyond the split stitch line. The difference is the direction in which all these tips face!

The other interesting point is how the balance of colour is achieved on the tips. When you look closely at the tips of the leaf, you notice that some of them are a little pinky-brown. Some are darker than others. With just one tiny stitch in this colour, that pop of colour is added in to great effect!

silk shaded rose leaf being worked - the tips
the rose leaf tips being worked in silk shading


Progressing from here

I’ve booked myself in for a class on Friday, despite not having done as much as I probably should have. But I really want to get some comfort that I’m progressing in the right direction this time.

Hopefully, once I’ve got the ‘ok’ on the leaf, I can start a petal ‘for real’. The first one I think is almost going to be the trickiest as it has the rain drop. There are a lot of colours that make up a rain drop, and such a tiny space! I’m sure each subsequent petal will present it’s own challenges, but I’ll get through the rain drop first!

Hopefully next week I will have some more actual stitching to show you. But, it is all part of the learning experience. And it’s all with the aim of giving me the best possible piece I can achieve, which is the main thing to remember! I have no doubt this will make me a better stitcher. Once I get some confidence again!

32 thoughts on “Silk Shaded Rose – and not much to share!”

  1. Bummer that you had to redo, but I must say those points really look great now. Hopefully your class on Friday will boost your confidence 100%!

    1. Thanks Kathy, I’m hoping so ? I do think it looks a lot more like a rose leaf now, even kf it’s just the tips!

  2. Good luck with your class on Friday! I am already dreading the silk shading module now as everything has to be exactly like the real thing. At least with Jacobean you can do any imaginary flower and leaf!

    1. It’s a tricky th8ng to do. I’m also struggling as I can’t quite get the right greens, they just don’t seem to exist. I’m looking forward to getting the hang of this though! The Jaco wan silk shading was a lot easier in this way. Love the way it doesn’t have to reflect reality!

  3. Good luck with your class on Friday, I think I’m not perfectionist enough to do this course 🙂 It’s amazing the difference the little stitches at the tips make. Just remember it will be worth it in the end and you don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to!

  4. Art is fickle. Not everyone will notice the same things and so getting feedback is very hard. But at some point, you have to take the reins in your own hands and just make a decision on which direction YOU want to take. I hope your Friday class works out and gives you the push you need to get out of this rut.

    1. Thanks Dima, and very true. I think once I get a bit of confidence and learn how to control the number of colours that need to be worked with at once I’ll have a much better idea of what to look for!

  5. I feel your pain having been on the other end of the tutors differing opinions. Hopefully your next lesson will instill more confidence in your work which always seems very precise and beautifully stitched.

  6. Yup, there are many ways to Rome! Most important however, you end up there if you wish to visit Rome. And I agree with Dima, at some point you’ll be the one to decide what is right and what isn’t. However, with pieces that get assessed, you better do as you are told :). And I really like the little speck of colour on the barbs!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I think it is an interesting journey. You are completely right about needing to take on board what the tutors say. And that is one of the reasons I enjoy doing this! Without this type of guidance I won’t be able to develop my own ‘style’ in due course. So it’s all a good thing, I just need to crack on with it!

  7. I love living vicariously through your tutoring and progress! Thanks so much for sharing with Party in Your PJs – I hope the correction on the leaf style gives you back your momentum. It all looks lovely!

  8. Anna-Maria Naidoo

    Don’t lose heart Catherine. I had to unpick t hours of work still plodding with my piece. Even harder when you live on the other end of the worldxx

    1. Oh I can imagine that must make it quite difficult for you! From talking to fellow students I get the impression you unpick a lot more than you stitch with this piece. Good luck with your piece. I’d love to see it!

  9. I share your pain. Going through the same thing with my silk shading piece – a Cosmos. I think one petal has been worked three times now. I sample everything, and get frustrated when the sample is better than the work I have put in on the ‘real thing’. We’ll get there!

    1. I started sampling everything but then that has gone a little to the side. I thought I had the hang of it! Perhaps I should start to sample again.
      Good luck with your piece! And you are right – we will get there!

  10. Catherine, do you book into classes every , I thought you enrolled in a class and went every week.
    Your stitching is beautiful.. Dont be too hard on yourself. I wish i could do the course with you.

    1. Hi Kathy, it’s great to hear from you!
      Because I’m not doing the course as an intensive, I can book when I’m ready/have time etc to go to class. You can read more about the different ways of doing the course by following this link to a post I’ve written about the Certificate from my eyes.
      I’ve actually just returned from a successful day, so hopefully I’m back on track now! Thanks for your encouragement as always!

  11. Your work is amazing as always. I hate unpicking, but in the end I’m much happier that I did. Good luck with your class and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Thanks Connie, that is very kind of you. Class went well, and I got some positive feedback on my work during the day. Unfortunately I’ve decided I’m not happy with it again and out it has come! I’m feeling better about though now, and as you say, I’m glad I’ve unpicked it again!

    1. Thanks Kathleen. My tutors have said I was doing well, all for me to decide I still wasn’t happy so it’s come out again! We can be our own worst critic at times. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I admire your work greatly — I know I could never do it! So you ARE talented:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm — hope to see you there at tomorrow’s party as well:) xo Kathleen |Our Hopeful Home

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